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About Us

Faith-based persecution has persisted throughout human history and transects all borders. It changes depending on the region of interest and has played a devastating role in both the mortality and deterioration of livelihood for hundreds of millions across the globe. At The Common Denominator, we believe in advocating on the behalf of others. Subsequently, we will look to ignite the drive and compassion to push general discourse towards the dialogue and action needed to create harmony between us all. Regardless of faith or the lack thereof, The Common Denominator between us is that we are all human.


TCD is a non-profit that raises awareness, creates dialogue and holds large educational, inter-collaborative forums on issues related to faith-based persecution. We have previously partnered with the East Turkistan Society of Canada to conduct a very well-received event at the University of Calgary called Proof of Life: A Gallery of the Missing Uyghurs. 

Meet the Team

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